Take A Little Trip With Me


"All Songs Lead To The Gift Shop" is now officially released!  It will be a bit before it's available through my website or Apple iTunes, CD Baby and the like, but I will have it with me at shows from this day on and. in the meantime, I've uploaded two tracks to my Reverbnation page where you can stream them or download for $1.29 (half of the proceeds go to Love Hope Strength, a charity that helps those who are suffering from cancer and leukemia.)

"Listen Closely Mama" - http://www.reverbnation.com/bingfutch/song/22255007-listen-closely-mama

"Never Too Late" - http://www.reverbnation.com/bingfutch/song/22254989-never-too-late

This was a fun and challenging album, working with new technology (for me) and a new tuning and string configuration.  The result is an eclectic album that changes channels even faster than I typically do in concert, and you know just how squirrelly that can get.  I think people will really flip when they realize that everything they're hearing, except for the drums, is being done by a mountain dulcimer.

I've been laying low this week, prepping work on "Unresolved Blues" and getting ready for a busy fall season here at home in Florida.  Today, after running a bunch of errands and picking up some road groceries (is there a term for that? "Roaderies?") I'll be en route to St. Petersburg for the Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp.  It's the 25th year that Charley Groth has put this wonderfully intimate camp together in a wild Florida setting.  I originally came in as a sub for Bruce Ford and have been doing it every year since.  It'll be fun to see the gang from Friends of Florida Folk and enjoy some sweet jams.

Then, I'm off to Homosassa again for another gig at the Seagrass Waterfront Resort.  The folks here have really taken a liking to me and have been keen on getting my schedule to point in their direction more often, which is great, because it's an awesome gig and the people there are a lot of fun.  Performing by the water is fantastic, inspirational and always beautiful (though you have to be on-guard for the noseeums that come out at dusk - watch out boy, they'll chew you up.)

I hope everybody has a great weekend!  I'm aiming to shoot some "Dulcimerica" episodes during my trip and I'll post those instructional videos when I get back.  Many blessings to you all and thanks for visiting my page again!



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