Patreon Campaign Update: What's It All About?

Thanks to my new patrons, we're getting closer to the third milestone fundraising goal of $150 per upload!  Over the weekend, I was asked to frame how my Patreon campaign works and I came up with this:

Say you're a fan and, in a year's time, would buy four CDs from me, or maybe three books.  That's $60-$75 for the year.  With my ongoing Patreon campaign, you can pledge $1 per upload and set a monthly spending cap at $5.  So, I could upload eight MP3 tracks or videos and your card would only be charged for $5; that's $60 if you're a patron for a year.  For that $60, you're getting a lot more than four CDs or three books.  You're getting:

The six-book "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" book series with audio ($150 value)
Milestones: A Patreon Tablature Collection ($30 value)
My next 5 CDs ($75 value)
My past 15 CDs ($225 value)

So, for $60 over the course of 12 months, you're getting $480 worth of merchandise PLUS all of the patron-only exclusives that are shared on my feed.  You can quit/rejoin at any time and you can edit your pledge at any time as well.  Patreon is an opportunity for the public to help support their favorite artists while they continue to pursue their art and it's also an opportunity for the artist to do something special for the fans that they hold dear.

By the way, when we reach the milestone goal of $200 per upload, every patron receives two MORE books; "All Over The Map: Volume One" and "Blues Method For Mountain Dulcimer."  When we reach the $300 per upload milestone, everyone receive a hardcopy of EVERYTHING I produce/release in 2015!

I was told that I'm giving too much away, but I see it as a big "thank you" for your support.  That and it paves the way for me to create new CDs, books and video for everyone to enjoy!

If everyone who appreciated my work pledged just $1 per upload, the goals of updating outdated studio equipment and affording the costs of production would be well within reach.  Already, two months into this campaign, the results are being felt and I THANK YOU so very much!  There are other rewards and perks for pledges $3 and higher; please check my Patreon page for more information.  Thanks again, everybody!

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