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Holiday Masterclasses!

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Pre-Registration Is OPEN For Bing's "Holiday Masterclass" Online Series!

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Tis the season to try new things and here are four online masterclasses from award-winning performer and producer Bing Futch that will give you the inside track on music creation and recording. Each session is broadcast with crystal clear audio and multiple cameras to capture every angle.  A PDF download of resources and audio tracks are sent to each registrant and a full-length video of the workshop will be available for download.


December 6 - Bass Mountain Dulcimer - 8 pm ET - SESSION COMPLETE

Lots of people are buying bass mountain dulcimers and are discovering that it's a lot different than playing standard dulcimer.  This masterclass will give you the edge on playing bass with a quickstudy on rhythm and muting techniques followed by the secrets to supporting chords and tricks for finding note combinations around the fretboard. Several pages from Bing's soon-to-be-released book "Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer" will be made available as well as practice tracks. Ask your questions about amplification, gear and more in the chat room!


December 13 - Native American Flute - 8 pm ET

For ten years, Bing has explored the wonders of the Native American flute in song and spirit and now, as a preview to the release of his latest book "Discovering The Native American Flute", he presents a newly structured version of the NAF workshop that has been a staple at festivals across the country.  Learn this ancient instrument and free yourself through the beauty of its melodies.  This masterclass will cover basic breathing techniques, scales, embellishments, key bits of music theory and will introduce a new way of looking at the flute scales across numerous keys. A portion of the new book, with tracks, will be shared with registrants.  Grab your flutes and sit in on an eye-opening journey into the musical soul.



December 20 - Songwriting 101 - 8 pm ET

There is a basic secret to songwriting that, once learned, allows anyone to pick up an instrument and compose their own tunes.  This in-depth masterclass shares that secret along with dozens of other helpful tips to writing your own songs  Bing Futch has been performing and producing music for over 30 years, winning numerous awards for his songwriting during that time.  Some of his most popular tunes include "Red Headed Lover", "Simon Brothers Mercantile", "Only A Northwest Song", "Never Too Late" and "Crazy Feels Like", which won the 2007 Songwriters Showcases of America award for "Song of the Year."



December 27 - Home Studio Recording - 8 pm ET

Back by popular demand!  If you've ever wanted to record your own music at home, it's easier than ever with the amount of gear available to consumers.  But where to start? And after it's started, how to put it all together?  Then what to do with it?  Bing breaks it down into bite-sized pieces, from gear acquisition to mixing and mastering your final product, demystifying the recording process and giving you a great way to do-it-yourself.  Topics will include Digital Audio Workstation selection, audio interfaces, condensers vs. dynamic microphones, cables and amplification, setting levels, working with tracks, post-production editing and outputting your final product.  



Registration Fee is:

$20 - 1 Masterclass

$40 - 2 Masterclasses

$50 - ALL Masterclasses


Once registration is received, you'll be contacted with details on attending the masterclass(es).  For questions, contact Bing Futch at





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People from all walks of life have come to Bing for instruction on mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, ukulele, music theory, performance, songwriting, home studio recording and vocal coaching.  Whether teaching at a music festival, arranging multi-day "intensive" workshops or providing private lessons and consulting, Bing's passion for teaching is evident in every session!

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