A Truly Beautiful Night

The powwow went off wonderfully - and I could write three blogs about it - but I'm still savoring the afterglow (and the smell of boiled peanuts that I've got cooking in the kitchen.)

There'll be more - but I sure want to thank everyone who made this show such a rousing success! Especially Jae, for all her hard work with the organizing and food for the pre-party, Amy and Tony from AKA Lounge, Dave from Connections Magazine, The Eight-Fold Way and Snackdaddy - who both put on fantastic shows - DJ OG, who kept things moving for us - Perego, just an amazing light show, Kelly and Barbee with their art-in-progress, Dani-Oh for the spoken word, and the artists, Carl, Heather, Chad, Liz, Diana, Amy, Daas and Kristian for all of your incredible work - to Chris Johnson, who curated the show, to all the helping hands and significant others and especially to everyone who came out to share all of that love energy! We love you much - there's new stuff happening all the time.

But more on that later - I spent all day re-organizing the studio, moving furniture and chasing dustbunnies - it's now time for some Willie Wonka action.

til next time, Mahalo - we are very blessed!

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