DIGITAL MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Mohave Legacy Collection Pt. 2

DIGITAL MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Mohave Legacy Collection Pt. 2

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Part Two of the Mohave: Legacy Collection contains "clear blue trickling", "six by five at three" as well as bonus tracks from the unfinished "turn smoke traffic" and a number of demos recorded with different iterations of the band.

Mohave began with a handshake one evening in downtown Orlando, Florida between bassist Mike Burney and mountain dulcimerist/vocalist Bing Futch.  Mike expressed an interest in working with Bing and that fact was kept in the back of his mind when fellow M4 Radio crew Rob “McGyver” Buck revealed himself to be competent drummer.  The trio formed Mohave in 1999, playing their first show at the House of Blues in Walt Disney World.  


Their first release, “Homegrown”, was released in 1999 and was recorded in a makeshift recording studio rigged in McGyver’s bedroom.  The band caught fire in 2000 and added a fourth member, percussionist Robert Caban, before releasing “Spider Rock: The Full Sail Sessions” that same year.


A major line-up change resulted in original members Burney and McGyver leaving along with Caban. Bing spent time working on solo material and performing in the band Naked Head.  With the swift demise of that project, bassist Randy Kemp convinced Bing to put Mohave back together.  With McGyver back behind the drum kit, the trio returned to gigging in 2002, eventually adding vocalist, trumpeteer Bunky Garrabrant, keyboardist/mouth harpist Automatic John and a rotating door of utility players.  McGyver, wanting to go in a more progressive direction, left to found another rock project with J.D. Fosse replacing him in the drum seat.  Together, the quintet would tour incessantly and record and release “clear blue trickling” in 2005 before, once again, disbanding. What’s not largely known is that the band had planned a second album called “turn smoke traffic” and had been working on it at the time of the split.  Some of that is represented here in raw form.


2006 through 2013 saw a number of iterations of the band featuring prominent Orlando musicians, finally settling with a core of bassist Tom Sharp, drummer Chris Dispensa and guitarist Roger Zimish. This group recorded tracks at Full Sail a number of times, resulting in some of these tracks.  Included here also is the rare live promo “Six By Five At Three” (meaning six songs by five musicians at three venues) which was recorded at the Backbooth as well as the legendary Bamboo Room.)  Assorted demos are sprinkled throughout as well.


There’s more to mine from the Mohave universe in the form of lost tracks, but for now, this is the definitive collection of music from the Americana band that was Bing Futch’s freight train of choice for 14 years.  Some songs have remained in his repertoire, but many of these were long abandoned with those incarnations of the band.  The writing, largely by Bing, morphs over the years due to the collaborations of the talented musicians that backed him up.  Alternately playful and fiery, the music is a reflection of the intense personal relations that rolled within the band.  Enjoy the journey and remember that Nowhere is a real place.


Much of this music has never been released and what was made public has been out of print for years.  Now, here for the first time, all things Mohave are available in one bundle out of tribute to a truly unique roots rock ensemble of the new millennia.

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