Day 33: Interstate Tour 2018


It felt great to sleep in.

When I boondock (a RVer term for "camping without amenities") in parking lots, I run the generator to power the a/c until I go to sleep, then I use a power inverter for my CPAP machine and to keep my phone charged.  If it's brutal hot, I'll run the gennie all night.  Nothing worse than waking up in an oven with six wheels.  Though it's been hot of late, the evenings have cooled to the low 70s, so an icy blast right before bed time is enough to get me comfortably through the night.  I'd leave the windows open but, with the amount of rain that's been falling of late, I don't want to wake up with water all over the interior.  


I wasn't sure whether the next few days would be spent boondocking or in a campground somewhere, so I did some banking, changed the oil in the generator, topped off groceries and then parked near a coin-op laundry and ran a load while working in Imua.

Sometime around 6 pm, the thought of a nice, chill state park for a few days sounded pretty good, so I wheeled down to French Creek State Park in Elverson, Pennsylvania and figured I'd get a site at least for the evening, plug in, have a/c through the night and catch up on some more work.


After setting up, I biked around the campground loops and noticed that many folks had already rolled in for the 4th of July holiday.  My loop was fairly empty, but I figured that would change soon enough.  Any recording needed to be done quickly before the rush.  

In the past, I've actually driven through packed campgrounds on Independence Day and noped right outta there.  My idea of relaxation isn't being parked in the middle of what amounts to a tailgate party at Camping World.  I love it when the park I've chosen is somewhat off the beaten path, something you have to work hard for.  These are the parks that are usually a bit more peaceful.

Time will tell if this is one of them!

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