Day 22: Interstate Tour 2018


I woke in the morning to the sounds of people setting up their campers nearby.  That was the signal to fire up Imua and get into position for an easy exit on Sunday.  I'd be teaching an 11 am workshop and then driving about four hours to Bardstown, Kentucky to set up vending for Kentucky Music Week, which begins officially on Monday. Trying to find the owner of a car blocking your path at a music festival is not a game that I want to engage in at that point in the day.

I swung into a spot with a good exit position and plugged in, getting back just as it began to rain, and it did that for a good portion of the day.  During interludes, I got out and walked around the battlefield some more, along the Wabash trail, through the neighborhood, then scampered back inside when the drops began to fall, continuing to attempt doing admin work while the cel coverage sat at minimum.


I wrote tablature for "The West Lafayette Reel", which I wrote yesterday, and then wrote a new song called "Tecumseh's Homecoming", about the reaction that the Shawnee Leader might've had upon returning home to find Prophetstown in ashes and many of his men dead. Neither of these are ready to be released, but my patrons are getting a sneak preview this week on my Patreon Channel.

It's gonna be a work night.  And I continue for a little while to the sounds of a string band at the next campsite over.

Day 23

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