School & Library Programs

Through his special school and library programs, Bing presents a journey into the familiar and not-so-familiar world of American folk music.  With the Appalachian mountain dulcimer and Native American flute, two instruments indigenous to North America, he takes the audience on a trip through the haunting ceremonial tones of First Nations people, the Irish and Scottish tunes of early settlers, the rhythms, work songs, spirituals and blues handed down by African descendants of slaves and the melting pot of musical influences brought to this country by immigrants from all around the world.  Aided by some rather unique technology, Bing brings listeners right up to the present as the evolution of folk music extends into the realms of pop, rock and even dance cultures.  It's a lively and engaging presentation that has audiences singing, clapping, dancing and smiling, for folk music is truly "the music of the people."

Bing regularly travels the country, encouraging kids to become or stay active in music programs, citing scientific studies that children enrolled in school music classes often do better in all other subjects.  Bing has enthusiastically brought his show to schools, libraries, historical re-enactments, Renaissance faires and more.

With a repertoire over 8 hours long, Bing will work witih event organizers to create a program tailored specifically for the intended audience.  This can include hands-on experience with the instruments, question and answer sessions or an assembly showcase that had the group pictured above (Morrison School in Norwalk, California) literally jumping for joy!

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Educator Testimonials


"My Kindergarten and 1st Grade students enjoyed a cool morning concert out under the pavilion with Bing. I had two concerts of thirty minutes one for each grade level. My students loved every minute with him. He explained folk music, played the Mountain Dulcimer and Indian Flute. He stressed the importance of music and playing an instrument because it magnifies the core subjects. I had astounding praises from the whole staff at my school. The kids were involved through movement, echo parts, and just singing along. What an excellent way to start a beautiful day in the beauty of nature. I would totally recommend this artist to play for any school setting. He can assemble a program to fit your needs!"

Sheryl Wagenseller
Stephen F. Austin Elementary
Dayton, Texas

"We would REALLY ENJOY having you perform again at Morrison School. People here raved about your 'kid's concert,' which of course was also greatly enjoyed by the adults. Folks still talk about that experience."

Lori Knight,
Morrison Elementary School
Norwalk, California

"THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR A WONDERFUL PROGRAM!  My students keeping using the word 'awesome' to describe you and your music.  Teachers are saying how much they enjoyed your song choices.  It was truly a memorable experience for all.  One student said that she thought that was the kind of program kids need, and she's only a third grader!  WOW, enough said!"

Pamela Smelley, 
Blanchard Elementary School
Shreveport, Louisiana

"In my nearly thirty years as a music educator I have rarely encountered a person who can engage, inform, and entertain an audience of young people as well as Bing Futch.  His amazing ability and unique personality make Bing a 'must have' for any music program.  The diverse blend of musical styles and culture references in his presentations are stitched seamlessly together into a fantastic musical quilt for all to remember and enjoy!"

John Keane,
Herndon Magnet School
Belcher, Louisiana