A Passion For Teaching

Along with writing and performing music, Bing also teaches.  Specializing in Appalachian mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, basic piano, ukulele and general music theory,  he has been an instructor at numerous national festivals and events, teaching all skill levels and ages from 1st graders to retirees and all ages in between!  Whether it's a one-on-one private lesson or presenting challenging concepts to dozens of gathered students, Bing's positive, encouraging and insightful teaching style has earned him world-wide acclaim as an excellent and patient teacher.  Below are just some of the ways that Bing connects with eager musicians and aficionados from all walks of life.



Bing not only teaches at festivals across the country, but also college campuses and anywhere there is a group of people ready to learn!  Click here for subjects and rates.




For those wanting more specialized and targeted study, one-on-one lessons are available both in-person and via the internet!  Click here for details and rates.




Bing visits schools and libraries with programs designed to educate and entertain.  He also performs at historical re-enactments and faires. Click here to find out more!