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"Dulcimerica With Bing Futch"

Starting in 2007 as "The Dulcimerica Video Podcast", this program was the only edu-tainment of its kind on the internet.  Flash-forward eight years later and it's become one of the most popular mountain dulcimer themed productions in the world!  Hosted by Bing Futch, it's a mixture of song demonstrations, performances, lessons, interviews, travelogs and journeys throughout the country.  The best of the best have appeared on the show and it has been viewed by over a million people worldwide.  "Dulcimerica With Bing Futch" is available via subscription through Apple iTunes and on its home page at in lo-res versions.  It's also viewable on YouTube in high definition.

"Rhythm Roots" on

Beginning in 2015, Bing Futch became the host of the "Rhythm Roots" program on DittyTV, the Americana Music Network.  "Rhythm Roots" is a new spin on the hybrid-genres between rhythm and blues and country music.  City life meets country life, electric meets acoustic, whisky meets glass, and that's just the first music video.  Bing introduces videos, much like MTV's old format, from various locations around the country and is often in the chat room hanging out with viewers as the program airs.  Current showtimes are daily at 2 am and 2 pm as well as 7 am and 7 pm central time with new shows airing on Mondays and Fridays. You can watch all of the DittyTV programming right here!