Yeah, I Know....

Well, it's been absolutely MONTHS since I last posted here but sometimes, this blog is the last thing I think about when it comes to social media.  Why?  Because it hardly garners any response, so it's a little bit like talking to a wall, so you can't blame me too much. (I know you're out there - I can see who visits.  But y'all are so quiet.)

The other more obvious reasons have to do with finishing "Dive!" and then going off on a two month tour.  It was all I could do just to keep up with e-mail and Facebook while on the road.

In any case - I'm back home now and trying to catch up in more ways than one - so I suppose I'll be getting back into posting on this blog now that I've got my sweet, angled desktop keyboard back (because typing on a laptop sucks!)

The agenda, now that I'm home for a spell, is pretty intense:

• Finish "Method For Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer"
• Begin work on my next album
• Continue work on a duet book and album with Jeff Hames
• Create curriculum for new slate of workshops I'm offering starting in 2014
• Produce more "Dulcimerica" episodes
• Blog more
• Practice, practice, practice

I know that doesn't sound like much, but slap it together with the usual everyday craziness of booking, planning, keeping up around the house, gigging and trying to enjoy a little time off every now and again and what you end up with is one sick schedule.  Still - I'd rather that than waiting for the phone to ring.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my Spring/Summer Tour such an amazing success.  I had a big time these past few months and here are some numbers:

• 14,055 miles traveled
• 16 states
• 6 theme parks
• 39 roller coasters
• 29 events
• 2 RV repairs
• 0 breakdowns

Totally livin' the dream - thanks again, everybody!
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