"Slowly blossomed, slowly ripened in Siddhartha the realisation, the
knowledge, what wisdom actually was, what the goal of his long search was. It was nothing but a readiness of the soul, an ability, a secret art, to think every moment, while living his life, the thought of oneness, to be able to feel and inhale the oneness."
- Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

I've got two hours of video edited for the CD Release Powwow; it'll run on two screens in the bar, one screen in the Big Picture room and two screens on the stage. Coordinated with the events as they take place throughout the evening, the video features images that tie all of the elements of the powwow together, including visuals from the art exhibit "out of the clear blue", which we hung last night. I'm going back tonight to help Chris Johnson, curator and participating artist, hang Barbee Cain's photography and a piece by Carl Knickerbocker, who's getting ready to show some work at Disney's Festival Of The Masters next weekend (Nov 11-13) - so I'm stoked that he was able to be a part of this!

The video will also show vintage footage of the original Mohave trio as well as all the musicians who have graced the tribe over the past six years. It's not really a main attraction production - more of a collection of digital atmospheres that switch up and change depending upon the action onstage. Very psychedelic, in a 21st century kind of way - you'll see what I'm talking about.
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