Getting Closer

Inching ever-nearer to the point where the album will be done, I'm trying to enjoy the journey and not just rush to completion. I'm loving the being in the studio, watching David work his magic. He's a cool guy anyway and we spend a lot of time talking about life matters, but then he's also passionate about his work and I learn a lot from watching him mix this album, or "record" as he calls it, because he is old-school, after all.

The latest draft of "clear blue trickling" has got me wincing over some vocal parts - I just haven't wrapped myself around them enough. I could go either way on "Down To Earth" and "Positive Vibes", though I'm leaning towards giving them another go. "Floatin' Wally" I want to keep if only for the fact that it was the first track I recorded vocals on, did it in one take and it's pretty good. The other re-takes I've done pass muster, so I'm thinking I'd rather be positive about it then on-the-fence. We have a Sushi-And-Sake Session next Wednesday where we'll all listen to the tracks and decide where we want to go from there. Hopefully, I can sneak in before then to sweeten up my tracks. The dulcimer on "Down To Earth" also sounds a little out-of-tune, but then it was recorded with a dulcimer that hadn't had its action properly adjusted, it's a wonder that the other tracks turned out okay.

Now, it's off to Cypress Gardens to take final pictures for the album cover. It's a beautiful day for a beautiful ride!
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