Bing Makes His TWITCH Debut!

Taking a giant leap into the vast online video streaming world that is Twitch, Bing made his debut on the service April 20th.  After an early morning test run in the wee hours, "In-Studio With Bing Futch" premiered to an enthusiastic audience at 8:30 pm EDT and ran for over 3 hours.  The mostly all-request concert, clinic and Q&A was a freewheeling and informal evening that featured a lot of music, insights into the history and playing of the mountain dulcimer and an informative give and take with the audience via chat as Bing interacted with them.

Though there will be many of these shows in the future, another presentation will begin scheduled streams on Monday, April 24th.  Bing will be taking a page from the Twitch community playbook by producing a unique glimpse behind-the-scenes of Casa de Milagro.  Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm EDT, viewers will be able to join Bing as he works in the studio.  Whether writing a song, rehearsing for a show, recording and mixing or editing video, Bing will offer audiences the chance to not only watch the creative process but also ask questions and get a multi-camera close-up view of all the elements as they come together.

The schedule will be subject to change, based on touring schedules, wi-fi availability and addition of more streams.  See video from the 4/20 debut, and sign-up to follow Bing on Twitch. It's a free service and there's no cost to view the channel.  Be sure to check out both the day and nighttime fun starting next week!

 "Milagro Canyon Jam Trax, Volume Two: Mountain Dulcimer Edition."

Volume Two of the "Milagro Canyon Jam Trax" series is now shipping! Designed to help musicians develop their improvisational skills, MCJT2 was specifically created for mountain dulcimer players.  Focusing on easy-to-play-in key signatures, the collection includes 23 brand new tracks composed and produced by Bing Futch along with a 58-page book of chord sheets, music theory info, instruction and tips on techniques to become a better "off the cuff" player.  Download 17 pages from the book, along with three full tracks, to get a taste of the fun and adventure that await in this new release.  Visit this page for the download and to reserve your copy!

Join The Patrons Who Are Supporting Bing's Art!

Patreon is a new way for fans of artists to support the work that they enjoy.  Pledging just $5 per month gets you exclusive access to new music as it's recorded, HD quality episodes of "Dulcimerica" and all of this:

• "Milestones: A Patreon Tablature Collection" - An 86 page book of mountain dulcimer tablature.

• The entire 6-book series "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" on PDF with MP3 audio files.

• The books "Dulcimerica: All Over The Map" and "Blues Method For Mountain Dulcimer 101" on PDF with MP3 audio files.

• Bing's ENTIRE CD collection on MP3 including 50-song bonus rarities album and his releases "All Songs Lead To The Gift Shop", "Unresolved Blues", "Dulcimerica: Volume 3", "Sweet River", "Return Of Live At Old Songs", "Live From Ditty TV" and the BRAND-NEW release "What's Old Becomes New Again."

Wow!  That's over $600 worth of music for at least $5 per month!  There are additional rewards for pledging more per month and you can read all about it here at his official Patreon site!