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Bing's long-awaited first all-blues album is a whirlwind trip through history and various regions of the states as he presents 12 songs that trace the origins and evolution of blues music.

Using both a standard Appalachian mountain dulcimer and a chromatic resonator mountain dulcimer, Bing delivers traditional African roots music in the form of modal rave-ups ("Juke Joint Hen") and work songs ("John Henry".)  Presented in a stripped-down, front porch solo delivery, these pre-blues tunes share album space with original Mississippi blues tunes like the fiery track "The Flip Side" and the dirty distortion of "That's What You Done To Me."  

Hill Country blues gets represented by the flying fingerpicking of "Harperville" while shades of Bukka White's aggressive slide stylings are present in an energetic reworking of Tampa Red's  "It's Tight Like That."  Mingling with the stark and haunting solo tracks are sizzling electric blues band numbers that range from Delta shuffle ("Sweet Home Chicago") and searing Texas blues-rock ("Listen Closely Mama") to honky-tonk  ("Unresolved Blues") and the slow, smooth barrelhouse groove of "Drinkin' and Drivin' Blues."

Recorded at Casa de Milagro (Bing's home studio) over the course of two weeks, this raw and heartfelt release captures both the early days and recent powerhouse sound of blues music.  It's an authentic romp from the Big Bend Tunnel all the way up to Beale Street! 

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