Day 85: Interstate Tour 2018


This'll probably be the shortest blog post of the tour - nothing much to report. I woke up and did the usual admin after moving a little closer to the Wendy's in the Walmart parking lot for Wi-Fi access.  Then, 325 miles south to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I was just in time for that beloved traffic that chokes the city at rush hour.

I settled in to a spot behind Cracker Barrel right across from Carowinds. The morning commute would be easy and, as a bonus, I wouldn't cook breakfast for the first time this summer and enjoy a Farmer's Breakfast to fuel me for the day.

Kinda interesting that I drove 325 miles and the marquee coaster at Carowinds is Fury 325.  I'm looking forward to riding one of my favorite coasters multiple times tomorrow!

Day 86

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