Day 43: Interstate Tour 2018


I wrapped my classes today and spent some time reviewing the material and talking with the students about moving forward with their studies.  I always have an open door policy with my workshops so assistance is only an e -mail or text message away.

My lone student that showed up for The Amazing Dulcimer Band was very grateful for the week of private study and she worked very hard for it.  Without going into too much detail, she’s dealing with a lot, confined to a wheelchair with Primary Lymphedema among other ailments.  But her soaring spirit and can-do attitude really moved me all week long.

I lit out for Lancaster after our final session, arrived, had dinner, and then noticed an e-mail that she had sent. In it, she thanked me for the teaching and inspiration and said that it had given her hope that she could find joy in playing the mountain dulcimer what with all of the physical problems she’s had to endure.  “I have felt pretty hopeless this year, Bing.  This week, you taught my hands to dance.  You took time to teach/tutor/mentor ME....and that has sparked incredible hope and joy.”

If I did only one thing this week, this was the most important.  I know the other students also expressed their satisfaction with the class - so this was good soul food all around.

The Kingdom Coaster at Dutch Wonderland - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Kingdom Coaster at Dutch Wonderland - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Before heading over to the church for the Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering, I quickly looked up the operating hours for Dutch Wonderland, saw that they were open for another hour, scooted over there and rode Kingdom Coaster, CCI’s first wooden creation, and also a cute little inverted coaster, with no inversions, called Merlin’s Mayhem.

The woodie was surprisingly forceful for a “kiddie” coaster.  A nice credit to add to the list!

I put the Mavic up and got some shots before continuing on over to the church, setting up, plugging in and settling down for the night.  Visions of lightbulbs going off were dancing in my head as I lay down to sleep.

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