Day 5: Interstate Tour 2018


The day began with some production work in Imua, video editing, and then I sat with Nancy's dulcimer group and worked with them on fleshing out their arrangements. What can you do to punch up your presentation of a fiddle tune?  How can you put your own bold touch upon old chestnuts? They played a couple of pieces and I suggested some concepts, demonstrating them as I played along.  So much of music, on the creative side, is all about feeling and being in the moment. It's much bigger and deeper than notes on a page, however, the notation is the written proof of what we can dream up and it's good to understand how it all works so that we can dream bigger. 

Thematically, it's been all about musical construction for me the past few days as I dig deep and study chord inversions, voice leading and key changes. The video segments shot today explore some of what I've been working with and they'll be on my Patreon Channel this week.

And I went to Walmart, topped off on groceries and bought a new printer to replace the one that just cacked.  Still $69 and it's a newer model that actually works with Air Print and my iPhone.  Sweet! It seems to run a little faster than the old one, which wouldn't take much.  We'll see if they make them like they did in 2010 and watch as this thing bounces down the highway for a while.


Winds have been nuts the past couple of days and the Mavic Pro, being the light little thing that it is, (can't imagine flying a Spark in a wind above 5 mph), just can't cut it over 10 mph, even in Sport mode. Caught a break close to sundown and got some golden light shots before heading in for dinner with Nancy and Tom.  They're really great and I've known them for a long time.  It's always nice to hang with them at their casa, and I'm very happy that they're both going on our 2019 Castaway Music Cruise to the Bahamas.  They've never done a cruise before, so I'm excited for them.  It's going to be fun watching them discover the floating endazzlement that is one of our high-seas music events.

And flash mobs.  Dulcimer and ukulele flash mobs.  


I made a batch of chili to snack upon for the next week or so. It's a nice, quick zero points meal for when I'm working in Imua or trying to maximize lunch time so that I can be by the merch table.  Picked up some potatoes, sweet potatoes and eggplant with the intention of making air-fryer delicacies out of all of them (but not all at once, well, hm, maybe) and sharing the results. It's fun being your own network.  

Rolling down to Genoa City, WI tomorrow for a Patreon reward incentive fulfillment which means, yes, MOAR COOKING!

After that, I'm debating whether or not a trip to Gurnee, Illinois is in order for a half-day of coaster-riding goodness at Six Flags, or is it straight to a state park where I can mountain bike and buy back some of the points I've spent this week on cheese and bourbon.  I don't think about where I'm going next if it doesn't involve a gig.  That's for the morning to decide (unless there's advanced discount tickets, then I'm planning a little bit.)

I'm high on 12-year cheddar, see you tomorrow.

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