Day 4: Interstate Tour 2018

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I didn't drive anywhere today.  Instead, I had breakfast with Stephen, Tom and Nancy, sat around and talked awhile, then retreated to Imua and began working on production.  Last night's show at Cafe Carpe was a magical one and I'm glad that I recorded the second half.  Rick and Stephen were both pretty stoked about getting copies of the video and that's what made it somewhat tragic when I couldn't get the damn thing off of my iPhone.  I've never had this much trouble getting media to offload, some six hours were spent doing internet searches and trying everything to access this wonderful chronicle of a fun evening with friends.

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Finally, I found a conversion app called Handbrake that solved the issue and a new Dulcimerica episode is ready for release on Friday, June 8th.  The full concert video will be available to subscribers of my Patreon Channel as well as a new installment of Mailbag Monday.  I'm still hacking away at e-mail, so bear with me as I continue to get caught up.  Trying to keep production running while on the road has always been a challenge, though I think I'm better equipped, and prepared, to deal with it this year.

I'll be working with Nancy's dulcimer group tomorrow and then heading to Walmart to pick up a new printer to replace the one that unceremoniously ceased normal operations on Saturday morning, right as I was supposed to be printing resource materials for the day's workshops.  Sa la vie, ain't it so?

Day 5

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