Day 27: Interstate Tour 2018

Just after camp photo was taken.

Just after camp photo was taken.

Tuesday was the last day folks had to switch classes if they didn't like the ones that they were in on Monday.  No-one ditched my workshops and I even gained a few folks, so that's always a nice feeling going into the week.  We're having fun in the sessions and there are quite a few gung-ho souls who admit to being rank beginners, but are ready to try anything.  

Occasional heavy thunderstorms made trips to the parking lot an athletic activity for some people and the traditional taking of the camp photo revealed just how many people there were at the week.  I'd forgotten just how massive a juggernaut KMW is.

I closed an evening concert of extraordinary music, honored and pleased to be a part of the show, then headed back to my campsite to find that a good-sized family had moved in at some point during the day.


That's the nice thing about motorhomes with generators, you can easily just scoot on down the road and set up in a parking lot.  Besides, the site wasn't very level and I wasn't looking forward to setting up the leveler blocks in the rain, so that worked out kinda nice.

Just roll with the boat, laddie, roll with the boat.

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