Day 2: Interstate Tour 2018


Grey skies are gonna clear up...

I ran through a small patch of weather today, just enough to wash some of the love bugs off the front of Imua.  It was vicious-looking on approach and seemed downright surreal in the side mirror as I left it miles behind.  


Somewhere not long after that, a couple rolled up in the fast lane to my left and mouthed the words "you're dragging something", so I took the next exit and discovered that the generator exhaust pipe had detached from the unit again.  After squirreling underneath, repositioning the clamp and tightening it down, I was back on the road for Janesville.



612 miles from Clarksville to Janesville and I arrived with enough time before the jam to get the Mavic up for some shots.  With the gorgeous golden light of approaching dusk illuminating the town, it was a good move because Saturday would turn out to be overcast and way too busy for a flight session.

Post-jam, Stephen Seifert and I gathered around the kitchen counter with our hosts  



Nancy and Tom Garrett (Southern Wisconsin Dulcimer Festival organizers and patrons of my Patreon Channel), enjoyed great cheese, margaritas and fine conversation into the wee hours.  A very nice start to the tour!

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