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Stolen and returned

Stolen and returned

Had a great time at the 2018 Florida Folk Festival, which is always an incredibly deep dive into the joys of camping, jamming and cramming as much music into your schedule as possible.  This was the first year that I'd experienced rain at the event and it brought both plusses and minuses, but all were good in the grand scheme of things.  Shoot, if music's in your life and it brings you to a place like this, how can you complain?  As long as the festival will have me, I'll be there, 'cause it's always an amazing experience.

So much so that I woke up on Saturday morning and found that my bike had been stolen.  And kinda didn't care.

Okay, I did care.  But not strongly.   You think, at these things, that you're immune from the attacks of the outside world, so it can be shocking if you find that your campsite has been invaded or that you're missing something.  I still use an honor system on my merch table, where you can just pay via a box if I'm not there.  Some say I trust too blindly, but without trust, what do we have?

But, seriously, if folks want my stuff that badly, fine, steal it!  But, the bike was a different thing. I've had it for over 14 years and walking out in the morning, with the intention to work out, only to find that it wasn't there, that sort of put a little woven hat of "bummer" on the morning.  As it turned out, some kids had come through the night before and swiped a bunch of bikes, so when I reported mine missing, there was a recognition of a prior caper.  So, I didn't sweat it, upon hearing that info.  Just went on about my biz and the bike was returned, courtesy of the White Springs PD, about two hours later.

Apart from the moderately exciting Saturday morning drama, it was a sublime weekend and there will be some select moments on view on an upcoming Dulcimerica. What a life! 

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