The Rhythm Of Our Wheels

Another day goes by, shrieks by, and we're keeping our information in columns, left to right.  What is the agenda for today or is there no agenda whatsoever?  How do we get from point A to B and what's in the middle that concerns us?  Just what exactly is "last chance for gas" and who decides what your last chance may be?  Flying through the wild is a dream come true, but factoring in our modern complications makes it an ever more immersive experience, starting with the heart and ending with all of these digitally-kissed devices that help us lope along happily.  Seriously, when was the last time you looked at a map?  It's way too easy to call up the GPS or app that shows us exactly where we're at (give or take a goat meadow.)

One of the things that I like about traveling the wide open road is the connection between spaces that you get.  No magically appearing from one point to another via air or train.  Just a single, earth-bound groove that contains all pieces of the story from beginning to end.  Every town is a paragraph, in some books, and a whole series of novels in other perspectives.  Just the signs tell a tale alone, and when added with the prospering or decaying centers of humanity, you can draw your own conclusions about what went down here.



It's been a good start to tour.  Had some really fabulous shows at fests and have been witness to a highly unusual and mild beauty to summer season throughout this Ohio Valley region.  Arkansas was a little muggy, but nothing like central Florida.  The evening temps have been in between 72° and 60°F - just perfect open-window weather as Imua and I have made the Walmart Resort rounds in a number of states.  

I'm still finding my road groove as far as travel and admin are concerned, but there are a few new "Dulcimerica" episodes coming soon and some new tracks that were recorded on the fly.  Looking forward to getting into some deeper production work as the groove gets better into the summer. Today, I flew around the Longabarger Basket in Newark, Ohio.  Traveling with a drone makes serendipity quite a bit more rewarding.

I'll check back in sooner - remember; I'm going for shorter and more often.  

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