It’s True


All exits lead to the gift shop. That’s got to be true, on some level, no matter where you go. Whether there’s a theme park involved or not, I guess that depends on what your definition of “gift” is. 


At the end of every grand adventure, isn’t there always waiting for us some way of capturing all of those moments, wrapping them up with nifty designs and noble intentions, things that will represent our experiences and remind us when we start forgetting about them? 


 I always get philosophical when I’m walking. Lots of time to think, reflect, dodge cars, consider one’s own mortality, as it were. I have been doing a lot of walking of late, much to the chagrin of my friends on Fitbit.  


 I’ve been just pounding it. Getting my 10,000 steps per day, and sometimes double that.   And the walks are being squeezed in between writing two new books over the past few weeks, writing new material and stringing up Christmas lights.  ( I know you know the feels. )  I’ve been in perpetual go-go juice mode for about a month, but it’s a very exciting time. Lots of new projects, lots of new discoveries. Embracing lots of new realizations, as well.  



 Great things are happening and I’m blessed to be alive. I know that sounds weird with all of the crazy shit going on, thrown at us nightly, in the news, but I’m choosing to see the light, the sunny side of life, and always looking for that next Silverlining. That’s the gift. That’s what I’ll choose to remember these days by.  

A tchotchke for the soul.  

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