Time A-Travelin'

It's completely normal to sit in a Walmart parking lot, running the gennie and the a/c, sucking up free wifi and contemplating that next piece of road up ahead.  I used to think it was mighty odd that all of those weirdo RVers would circle their wagons in Walmart parking lots every night, doing weird outdoorsy things to the sound of the moan and howl of the highway.  

In fact, I've never really known what to think about campers in general.  They're a different breed apart, that's for sure.  But what some may ridicule others may revere and it's not until you try something ridiculous that you end up spending a goodly portion of your life doing it.  

There have been a few legs of tours where I stayed at a different Walmart every night.  Using an app that shows which stores are pro or anti overnight parking, I find one closest to my next destination and check in for the night.  Walmart, whatever you think of their overall policies for ruling the retail planet, are pretty genius in many ways and their approach to campers is pretty extraordinary and virtually non-existent with any other chain.  Overnight parking for motorhomes, passenger vehicles, tractor-trailers, is allowed with permission, though often none is required.  There are no requirements.  Just usually a specific place in the parking lot that doesn't receive much use.  Walmart wins because weary travelers, especially ones in big recreational vehicles, often need to restock their groceries and pick up supplies for their rig, maybe even get some service done in the auto center or gas up at the Murphy Express pumps.  

The campers appreciate Walmart's generosity and end up spending their money in gratitude.  Some restaurants that cater to travelers, like Cracker Barrel, also allow overnight parking behind their locations.  I've stayed many a night and then dutifully went inside for a Farm Boy Breakfast, which is kind of the point.  If I didn't want a Farm Boy Breakfast, I would've camped at Walmart.

I need to leave this location, though.  After staying here one night and then producing a Concert Window show (with the slide-out extended for the necessary room, how embarrassing, totally breaks protocol for parking lot campers), staying another night and I'm still sitting here.  It's surprising that no-one's called the cops.

Or maybe they're used to it.  Or maybe it's that sort of strange effect that RVers have on people.  We're sort of invisible.  We're all the same inside those bulbous, anti-aerodynamic beasties rumbling everywhere.  You don't really notice us until we're in front of you in traffic.  

That's not by design, by the way.  I think it's just a camper thing.

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