Assume The Position

Borderline nuts.  

Borderline nuts.  

You can assume the position in a number of ways.  Most of them, familiar. 

It's been a while since I've checked in and there's been a lot to process.  I'm not even sure where to start, so I won't.  Just gonna do a little free-associating recap and then hope for clarity shortly.

I'm still dealing with the death of Steve Ash,  the man who has been building my Dulcimers since 2008.  My laptop died and I had to buy a new one to run things from the road.  Several software purchases were required after the laptop upgrade, in order to make sure that I had all of my programs ready to rock.  Then, Imua (my motorhome) started having electrical problems which turned out to be a bad alternator. 

All around those details have been fantastic festivals, rewarding interactions, key insights manifested and lots of music made.  Life is changing around us constantly and, in America, it's been a veritable quicksand mire of ideas and perceptions that could set us back a few decades.  My heart is heavy and my soul is afire.  I spend equal time finding joy in the moments of personal triumph and soaking in the shocking, full-blown distortions that come from our world aflame. 

The one thing that keeps me focused is the need for music.  I won't bore you with that thread - if you're just now joining up, slip back a few blogs and find that manifesto, if you will.  I don't care who gets into the White House and I don't care who gets the contract for our impending "End of Times."  I'm not waiting for anyone to tell me when to live.  It starts now.  It started a while back.  If the thrill of another day doesn't send shocks into your mind with each dawning morning, or if the promise of a new slate every day doesn't tickle you into ownership, then what is the measure of time but the logging of incremental units in order to trade on credit in exchange for an increasingly beneficial experience? 

What are we here for? 

I'm here to make music and to help others make music.  Like to keep it simple.  Fewer things to remember or get wrong. 

How about you?  What are you here for? 

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