Happy Place

White Lightning at Fun Spot America

White Lightning at Fun Spot America

I'm in my happy place.

Really, I am happiest making music. That's where the real happiness takes place. But, because I make music for a living, sometimes that Joy can be stolen out of the process as you're trying to traverse the icy slopes of the industry.


So, for me, my happy place often involves something that has nothing to do with my day to day reality. And even though I worked in theme parks for 10 years, knowing the insides and the outsides, there is still a magic in a carnival, a fair, amusement park, a roadside attraction, whatever it is, it's all magical to me. Neon lights. Thundering rides. Crazy spin and barfs. Fair food. When I come to places like this, whether it be Walt Disney World or the grungiest of the ticky-tacky, gut busted, crotch infested son of a crazy architect's wet dream sort of places, I always feel like a kid again, and I just let myself go. 


People die on badly assembled or maintained carnival rides all the time. There is always that sort of sense of danger, when you're riding this stuff, it's pushing you to the limit, it's taking you to the outside of your comfort zone.  Sometimes, you need that.


it's nice to have an old-fashioned carnival five minutes from your house.  Fun Spot America! 

Happy place. Let it ride.  

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