Rush Minute...Zoom!

So much to do before leaving Sunday for Memphis!  To say that I'm the errand boy right now is the understatement of the...ZOOM!

Timing is good for my two new albums which dropped last week and are now on CD Baby.  "Return Of Live At Old Songs" and "Live From Ditty TV" can be previewed, track by track, at those title links and you can hear all of the audience interaction and interview bits in between.  I love live albums, and I hope you do too!

I'll be teaching a Home Recording Seminar on Concert Window tomorrow night at 7:30 pm ET.  If you've always wanted to produce your own music and have never been able to figure it all out, I'll show you the easy and inexpensive way to get started!  Tickets are $10 and available here.

Heading out in a little while to pick up Imua for what I hope is the final time.  I'll shed some light on that later - but it's been a rush of a morning as I try to meet all my errand-running deadlines.  Real quick though, thanks to my new patrons on Patreon!  We're getting close to the $1000 milestone goal in which all of my patrons get a free "secret show" on Concert Window.  If you aren't sure what Patreon is, come check out this video and information page, then go check out the patron-only feed.  I've made available LOTS of free downloads and you can get a feel for what is available there on a daily basis.  Thanks again!



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