Just A Shortie

Fort Wayne, Indiana is getting puddled by rain and I'm sitting in a hotel room overlooking the freeway interchange, trying to get as much accomplished as possible without falling completely out.  It's been an intense start to summer tour with lots of love and music in abundance; I'm totally blessed.  But trying to keep up with everything has been a bit of a whirl what with wi-fi and 4G being what it is.  That's what happens when you tour through parts of the country that aren't as hooked-up as the rest.  I kinda like that.  It just makes keeping up sort of tough.

Tomorrow, I'm teaching and performing at the Folkcraft Second Saturday Clinic and then later performing for the 150th anniversary of Woodburn, Indiana at Summerfest.  In the heart of America, there are cries - and in those cries come the delight and disappointment of the surging forward that life delights within.  These are interesting times, my friends.  And my place within all of this is to make music, teach music and experience an existence outside of the one that I'm normally living.  I hope that I get it.  I hope that you get it.  I hope that we all come together and enjoy it as one.  

More to come - been editing "Dulcimerica" episodes, "Rhythm Roots" episodes and moving forward with the idea that music makes the world go 'round.  I hope you believe that because I sure do.  Hope to see you at a stop soon.  Just checking in - keep your eyes open and your heart full.  Love you all.

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