The Better To Ear You With


If you've taken one of my workshops or have been a longtime reader of the now-defunct "Nowhere" blog (it's still there, just in limbo as I focus my efforts here), you'll know that I often preach the gospel of ear training as a way to better understand music theory.  My favorite little app is one called Better Ears. It's a nifty little app specifically designed to help your ear-training study.  From pitch recognition to chord music reading, it not only provides you with plenty of learning and practice points but it also keeps score of your progress and lets you know what you need to work on.  Most apps don't do that.

For the longest time, it's been available for Mac platforms, which hacked off a lot of non-Cult-of-Mac supporters when they went to search for the app on their Androids in class, but the site states proudly that an Android version will be available soon.  Great!  Maybe a PC version isn't far behind because this app totally rocks!

Short post today - I have a goal of recording three more tracks for "All Songs Lead To The Gift Shop" before I hit the road for Texas on Friday.  That and also picking up Rita from the shop, doing the last-minute errand thing, collecting a new shipment of CDs from the duplicators and prepping for my Irish Week show Wednesday at the Seagrass Waterfront Resort in Homosassa.

Have a great Tuesday and, if you have a Mac platform, check out this app!

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