Busy Week Ahead

I leave for Texas on Friday so it's crunch-time here at Casa de Milagro.  Stache is helping me prep books to take on the road.

Stache supervises.  She's good at that.

Stache supervises.  She's good at that.

Each of the "Mountain Dulcimer In The Band" books has two CDs which get placed into an envelope and then that gets velcroed onto the back page for easy removal.  "Blues Method For Mountain Dulcimer 101" gets just one CD, but the same packaging process applies.  This is a time-intensive process but doing the labor myself saves money on having someone do it for me.

By the way, I just gave away this entire book and CD series on PDF and MP3 to patrons of my Patreon campaign as a thank you for helping to reach the goal milestone of $100 per upload! That means if you pledge even $1 right now, you'll be able to get this entire set (a $150 value), plus "Milestones: A Patreon Tab Collection" featuring 86 pages of mostly unpublished tablature for mountain dulcimer. The next goal milestone is $150 per upload.  Once we reach that, every patron will receive my entire CD collection on MP3! If you're on a budget but still want to help support my art, you can pledge $1 per upload and then cap your monthly limit at $5.  That way, even when I upload more than 5 items a month, you will only be charged $5 for the month and still have access to all the goodies.  Cards are charged at the beginning of each month for the previous month's activities and you can cancel or rejoin at any time.  To pledge, visit my Patreon page here. Thanks to everyone who has pledged so far!

After I get these books and CDs bundled, I'm going to get back to work on "It's Raining Again" by recording vocals and then adding some other instruments to the mix.  

Sometime this week, Rita will be ready for pickup with a rebuilt engine and front end repaired. She'll ride better, won't overheat and will be ready for another tour with the peace-of-mind that a new motor with warranty can offer.  Hopefully, I'll get her back in time for my gig at the Seagrass Waterfront Resort on Wednesday, October 1st.  Check my schedule for the details and, if you'd like to get notices of when I'm playing in your area, be sure to join my mailing list!

Busy, busy, busy - gotta keep moving so I can clear out some time to practice the bagpipes. Have a great Monday!


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