New Website

Well, it's finally done. After wrestling around with Dreamweaver for many years, I finally moved into the 21st-century with Squarespace!  The functionality of this interface, plus its attendant apps for iPhone and iPad, make this a total no-brainer and I am right now using the iPhone app to dictate this blog. 

The domain mapping has just been completed so will not point to this site for up to 72 hours, but in the meantime it is completely functional and I hope you will click every link, push every button, drop some comments here and discover my delicious world.

Thankfully, it didn't take too long to migrate my old site with the new one; a process with any former platform that would have had me absolutely pulling my dreads out. Instead, I can walk down to the beach here at Topsail Hill State Park, and enjoy a lovely Saturday before coming back to the cabin and playing some music. I actually had not intended to do any work on the website this weekend, but I'm glad I did.

So, please, let me know what you think! And, of course, if you find anything broken, please let me know. Enjoy looking around and I will see you on the flipside. 


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